Genomics: Why we need to study Genomics ?



What is Genomics?

The genetic material of any organism is known as its Genome and it is comprised of DNA. It includes both coding and non-coding DNA, even the mitochondrial DNA is part of its genome. The study of genome is known as Genomics.


The Genome contains all the information of organism that how will it develop, majority of the phenotype e.g. height, color etc. In human genome is in the form of 23 chromosomes.

Why we study Genomics?

The interesting thing of genomics is that a small change can mean a lot; for example, all human beings are ~99.9 percent identical at genomic level but the all look different. This small genomic difference is deciding whether a human will be tall or short, the eye color, the skin color and majority of the phenotypic features of the body. How a single cell, an embryo develops in to a whole organism. 

How a cell decide its faith and makes different kind of tissues, which results in a highly specialized organ e.g. liver, heart brain. These all specialized cells have same Genome, then how are they different with each other? These all questions compel us to study Genomics.

Applications of Genomics studies